AHRC international ConferenceAHRC

Crossing Cultures: Women, Ageing and Media

University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, 5th December 2008

Kathleen Woodward’s Keynote Speech:

“Assisted Living: Women, Ageing and Media” (watch online)

This paper covers a range of media representation of older women in deep old age covering frailty, embodiment and empowerment (47 minutes)

Sadie Wearing Keynote Speech:

“Nationalised Embodiments: Performing Age and Celebrity” (watch online) http://youtu.be/5xqfdj4tcFA

This paper focuses mostly upon the representation and self-representation of UK actress Helen Mirren

(38 minutes)

Women, Ageing and Media Research Workshops

(July-November 2008)

Emotion and Affect
(2nd July 2008, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK)

Introduction: Jo Garde-Hansen, University of Gloucestershire

Contributor 1: Julia Hallam, Liverpool University, “History of Older Women on Film”

Contributor 2: Kristyn Gorton, University of York, “Older Women, Emotion and Affect in US TV Drama”

Contributor 3: Colette Duke, University of Sussex, “Older Women and Sexuality in Film” 


Scary Bodies
(24th October 2008, University of York, UK)

Contributor 1: Abigail Gardner, University of Gloucestershire, “Framing Grace Jones:

The Ageless Black Body”

Contributor 2: Estella Tincknell, University of West of England, “‘Ten Years Younger’ and

the Reconstruction of Femininity” 

Consumerism and Commodification
(12th November 2008, University of West of England, Bristol, UK)

Contributor 1: Julie Doyle, University of Brighton, “Lesbian Lifestyles and Consumer Identities”

Contributor 2:Justine Coupland, Cardiff University, “Consumerised Discourses of Ageing and Bodily Change”